Free, instant subdomains without an account

As part of our recent launch and mission to become the domain name provider for self-hosters, we've included a service that might not be immediately obvious. If you make an HTTP GET request to, our servers will create a DNS A record pointing at the public IP address from which the request was made, and return the assigned subdomain as plaintext in the HTTP response. You can try it by clicking that link directly. The subdomains look something like this:

How is this useful? Suppose you're spinning up a server application on a VPS, and you want to use Let's Encrypt to secure the traffic with HTTPS, but you don't want to take the time to set DNS records. Maybe it's an internal demo for your coworkers, or just a quick experiment. Or maybe you've changed your permanent records but don't want to wait for public DNS caches to catch up before you start working.

Here's a more concrete example, which is the reason we made this service in the first place. The key feature of is that it provides a simple OAuth2 API for delegating control over subdomains. You can see this at work in the demo video in our launch post.

But in order to return an OAuth2 token to your server application, needs to perform an HTTP redirect to your server. The whole point of using is to easily get a domain name for your server, so it's very unlikely that you already have one set up with HTTPS. We could just redirect using plain HTTP straight to the IP address, but that is insecure. Enter our new service. You can use the /ip-domain endpoint above to get a "bootstrap domain", use Let's Encrypt to get HTTPS certificates, and then securely perform the OAuth2 flow with to get a more permanent domain name. Every interaction is performed over HTTPS, without you ever having to touch a DNS record.